Steve Cohen Law is proud to offer 'on demand' in house counsel services to Canadian public companies.

For many Canadian public companies, especially during the current market slowdown, hiring or maintaining a full time in house lawyer is not in the budget. Relying exclusively on external counsel is also not economical.

Consider then hiring Steve Cohen Law as your 'on demand' in house counsel, providing as needed corporate/securities counsel services at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full time in house lawyer or relying exclusively on external counsel.

Here are the advantages:

  1. unlike traditional in house counsel, you will only pay for our services as the need arises;
  2. our hourly rates are competitive with the rates of first year associates on Bay Street and far lower than the rates charged by partners and senior associates;
  3. substantial corporate/securities legal experience at a leading Canadian law firm guarantees the provision of superior legal service in a timely and cost effective manner;
  4. ike a full time in house lawyer, we will be fully integrated in the day to day operations of your company; and
  5. we are open to alternative billing structures (for e.g. fixed fees, capped fees, percent discounts, equity compensation and bonus structures based on results) specifically tailored to your company's circumstances (see Fees).

Big Bay Street law firms need to recoup their expenses by passing these costs along to clients in the form of high billing rates. Clients end up paying dearly for a firm's Class A office space, training of new lawyers, gaggles of lawyers on each matter (all with billable hour targets), army of receptionists, support staff and secretaries, firm retreats, deadweight partner draws, art collection, antique furniture, etc. By hiring us as your 'on demand' in house counsel, none of these costs are passed on to you. Also, by hiring us as your 'on demand' in house lawyer, you will not have to pay for those typical expenses that full time in house counsel expect, including, professional liability insurance, law society fees, benefits, CPP & EI deductions, continuing education, vacation, severance, dedicated office space, computer, cell phone and other work tools and a car allowance.